23 Research Things – 2: Organisation and productivity tools

All the tools above are changing the way we go about taking and organising research notes. So what do you use or recommend, and why?

I use and recommend Diigo – I think it is a great research tool.

The basic function of it is internet bookmarking but it has extra functions that make it really useful. It’s not just urls that you save, you can add pdfs, images and notes, so it’s possible to keep different types of information together in the one place. Adding tags when you save a bookmark is the main way to keep your library organised and easily retrieve things down the track.

The best way to use it is through the browser add-on, which means it’s always accessible.


The feature that I like best is the ability to annotate web pages. You can highlight passages of text, add “sticky notes” to certain sections, and these are saved for every time you visit the page. It’s great for keeping track “highlight” passages of interest that you might want to quote or make reference to later, especially for long pieces of writing.


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