23 Research Things – 3: Collaboration Tools

When you are collaborating (whether on a work project or a personal task), what tools and technology do you turn to?

Set up a Facebook Group – this has worked well for me in group projects in the past. Lots of people use Facebook, so it’s not an extra thing to create an account for. You can communicate without needing to “friend” anyone in the group, so you can maintain privacy and personal/professional boundaries if that’s a concern. Posting onto a group page is preferable to sending a group email because it maintains one chain of comments without the back-and-forth of emails. You are also notified whenever someone made a new post or comments on a post of yours. It’s also great for sharing links. You can also upload files and take polls, which help with collaboration.

Google docs is a good way to have multiple people working on the same document. It’s saved to a central location, and if more than one person is working at once you can see what the other person is doing, so that avoids confusion.

I didn’t know you could have multiple users working on Prezi at the same time. That’s helpful. I have a lot of thoughts on Prezi, but I’ll save them for “thing 13”.


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