Google’s logo

I’m loving Google’s new logo.

By which I mean I barely noticed the change.

Usually when something familiar suddenly changes, particularly a design such as a layout or logo, I notice immediately, and usually not in a positive way. Some people have reacted this way to Google’s new logo. I get it. It’s a long-standing and familiar thing in our lives. Imagine if you woke up one day and your spouse’s face looked entirely different. It would be off-putting.

This time I felt the change was positive and mild. I think these are the reasons why:

It’s still got the same familiar colour scheme. The day they abandon those 4 friendly colours will be the day I riot. The colours are the most significant part of the logo for me.

I’m used to it changing. You know how the logo is always changing to commemorate special days? There’s even an official name for it – the Google Doodle. It has caused me to think of Google’s logo as a dynamic, not static, thing.

I don’t actually look at the logo that much. I never really fostered that much familiarity with Google’s logo in my daily web use. Like  Matthew Kassel said in The Observer, chrome users don’t actually go to Google’s home page, we use the browser bar to search, and only see the logo in its unimposing location of the top left corner on the search result page. For me, the main thing that takes getting used to is the new tab icon:

Because website tab icons are something I look at and interact with on a more constant level.

Meh. I didn’t even like the old one! Times New Roman (it’s probably not exactly Times New Roman, sorry typographers) is not a logo font. Don’t get me wrong – Google made it work for them – but it had a certain “old web” aesthetic to it. Opting for a friendly sans serif font is a welcome move in my opinion.

Shine on, you crazy dots. Source:

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