23 Research Things – 6: Managing Your Online Research Networks

Are you using any of the above profile platforms (Academia.edu, LinkedIn, Research Gate, Mendeley, Google Scholar Citations)? Why do you use it? Are there others that you would recommend?

I’ve set up a profile on LinkedIn but I don’t use it much. I think of it as an online CV – I only log in to update it if something happens like new job, new qualification, etc. I think it’s built more for finding job opportunities than for sharing academic research, but can be used for both -and I guess there’s a great deal of cross-over between those 2 things.

I have heard good things about Academia.edu and Research Gate. Mendeley looks appealing because it’s a reference manager and networking tool all in one (two birds with one app). Google Scholar is so ubiquitous it seems almost compulsory. It seems worthwhile to have a presence on all the biggest research network sites, or at least giving them a try.

I’ve noticed some ACU staff members use their staff directory profile to showcase their work. Probably good for when someone googles you, or a colleague looks you up. But as it’s a static webpage there’s not much interaction involved, and it doesn’t really enable anyone to “discover” your work unless they already know who you are. Still, it’s good to put up some information about yourself.


One thought on “23 Research Things – 6: Managing Your Online Research Networks

  1. ACU Library (@LibraryACU) September 30, 2015 / 5:11 am

    thanks…managing your presence….so many options! Do you do one well and ignore the rest or do a few? It’s tricky, but at least you have an idea of options?


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