23 Research Things – 11: Web-conferencing and communication tools

We all use Lync, but explore another one of the other options and comment/blog your findings.

AdobeConnect seems like a popular options for hosting online video conferences. I’ve never hosted anything on it, but from a participant point of view, I like that you don’t need to sign up or download any software, you just use the link to open in your web browser. I once got caught out trying to connect to a session hosted on BlackBoard, thinking it would be just like Adobe Connect, not knowing I had to download and install the software first, which on my computer was going to take over 20 minutes and I only gave myself 5 minutes to get set up! But I blame that entirely on my own disorganisation.

I haven’t used Skype in a long time but it’s functional too (according to the Wikipedia article, Lync is now called Skype for Business! Hmm.)


One Comment

  1. yes- I wonder if some staff know that they even use Skype every day 😉
    I think we have all made that mistake- jumped onto a web conference in the nick of time- only to find we need to download software!!



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