23 Research Things – 7: Researcher Identities

Based on reading about Researcher Identifiers – what would be your advice to an ACU researcher about them?

I would absolutely recommend researcher identities.

When I was setting up a ResearchGate profile for the previous “thing”, they showed me this endless list of articles by other Hannah Shelleys with “did you write this?”. That’s when I realised author disambiguation was a significant concern. Having a unique identifier avoids confusion with other authors and makes your work more visible.

Researcher IDs also look like the best way to collate stats about your publications. From the comparison chart, while ORCID ID doesn’t collate citation counts or h-index, it can be linked to your Thomson Reuters ID and Scopus Author Identifier, which do. So it seems like a good idea to set up an ORCID ID and link other identifiers to it.