23 Research Things – 12: Digital (Social media) Curation and Content Aggregation

Do you use an aggregator/curator? Which one and why?

I recently noticed a new IOS9 news app on my iPad which aggregates content. When I launched it, it asked me to select my favourite newspapers, websites, and topics, and it creates a curated news feed based on that. I thought it was cool, and it’s easy to use. Here’s a post about it. Unlike an RSS feed aggregator there’s not a great deal of control over what goes into the reader, which could be a positive (if you want to browse / be surprised) or a negative (if you want to follow specific stories).

I also add RSS feeds to Outlook, including 23 research things! I used to use Google Reader, I don’t follow as many blogs as I used to. But there are lots of RSS readers to chose from.


One Comment

  1. Thanks – yes I guess more serendipity in what you get form your curated news feed. I used to use Flipboard a little, and it gave me interesting stuff based on a few topics I nominated. I tend to use feedly and also RSS in my Outlook. So a mix of things.



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