23 Research Things – 13 : Presenting Your Research

Pick a presentation tool, preferably one you haven’t used before. Explore. Think about when or how you might or might not use these sites, and explain their use to a researcher.

I picked Slideshare because I often find slideshare presentations from Googling something, but I haven’t explored it as a tool before. Here are my thoughts:

  • It makes your stuff findable. Audience doesn’t need to be “on” SlideShare to find it easily (many views come in through other means such as Google searches – e.g. me)
  • It puts your contact details via LinkedIn in a prominent position which makes it easy people to contact you if they like your research/presentation
  • Social media functionality – comments, sharing, “liking”, tagging, profile building
  • It really is “YouTube for Slideshows” – easy to use, lots of content to explore. It even has that familiar column of related videosslideshares with thumbnails on the right hand side.
  • You can put together “clipboards” of other people’s slides, which is an interesting way to collate interesting things that you find.

Not really part of the activity, but I thought I should give my two cents on Prezi since I said I would in one of the previous “things” – I like it, but I have seen it done badly. Sometimes it seems like the presenter is using it because someone told them it’s “better than Powerpoint”. If they’ve got a linear presentation, i.e. one point after another, a slide-based presenting tool is more suitable. Prezi has this spatial style of moving around and zooming in and out, I agree with the material in the “thing” – unless it’s used to enhance the storyline of the presentation, it can confuse and create motion sickness! However, if the movement is used to match the argument, it can be awesome. e.g., moving up in steps, moving around a map, as shown below (these are standard templates)



One thought on “23 Research Things – 13 : Presenting Your Research

  1. LibraryACU November 3, 2015 / 10:59 pm

    Yes seen good and bad uses for all types of presentation software- but there is nothing like a fast moving Prezi that jumps all over the place to make you feel a little queasy.
    In all of these- content- what you say and how you say it has to be the most important part of it.
    There are some truly beautiful presentations out there.
    I do like using tools such as SlideShare after a conference…and following a few fave people.


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