23 Research Things – 14: Reference Management Tools

Are you using a reference management program? If so, which one do you prefer and why? Any recommendations for other programs?

I’ve recently committed to EndNote. I’m studying through CSU and they have a subscription. I was hesitant at first because it seemed like too much work to set it up, but once you do it’s very good. It takes a lot of the pain out of referencing.

Part of my hesitancy was because I like to save my assignments to Dropbox and work on my iPad on the train etc. The Cite-while-you-write feature adds coding to your word document and I was worried that it would break if I opened it on an iPad or in the Dropbox editor. I was pleased to find out that it doesn’t.

I’ve also used RefME (a tool ACU academic skills have promoted) – it allows you build libraries of references and generate references according to a selected citation style. There’s a phone/tablet app which allows you to scan the barcode of a book and it will generate the citation information, which I think is a cool feature. No cite-while-you-write type integration though, which is the most helpful thing about Endnote.


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