23 Research Things – 16: Mapping tools

Blog or comment on your experiences to date with any aspect/application of mapping tools. If you have no previous experience, what interests you about this topic?

A pretty old article (2012) but one that lists some interesting ways people have used google maps: http://www.noupe.com/development/collection-of-the-coolest-uses-of-the-google-maps-api.html

I think it’s interesting how location and space can be used enrich a story, a piece of information or data, or an experience. It especially works with historical maps. I’d seen the SLNSW historypin stuff before.

I also think it’s cool that significant sites and landmarks have been captured on google street view, not just streets:




One thought on “23 Research Things – 16: Mapping tools

  1. ACU Library (@LibraryACU) January 7, 2016 / 3:03 am

    Thanks for those links- I hadn’t seen the first one at all- and have bookmarked!
    I think you are spot on- it’s about enriching the story, making it come alive. We all experience things differently and this gives more options, more colour, more manipulation.
    It seems that the possibilities are (almost) endless!


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