23 Research Things – 20: Making and Sharing Podcasts and Videos

Share a video or podcast that you has had an impact on you? What made it so?? Have some fun with this- it may be a TED talk or a podcast or someone explaining or demonstrating their research or interests??

I love TED talks on Youtube. One of my favourites is Brewster Kahle from the Internet Archive.

I don’t follow any podcasts. I prefer music or reading on my commute or around the house etc. Sometimes I’ll download a one-off if I’m interested in a particular topic or interview. While they don’t appeal to me personally, I do think they’re a great medium, so I tried to find some interesting ones:

Radiolab – very popular, with diverse and interesting topics.

Reply All – podcast about the Internet, but focuses more on human stories than tech.

Circulating Ideas – library related podcast.


One thought on “23 Research Things – 20: Making and Sharing Podcasts and Videos

  1. ACU Library (@LibraryACU) February 16, 2016 / 4:31 am

    I was lucky enough to see one of the RadioLab creators at ACRL in Portland last year- he basically did a podcast on stage for an hour- it was amazing.
    Thanks for your links- I have just subscribed to Reply all (I also listen to Serial, Criminal, Now hear’s the thing, BBC documentary, Love + Radio, The moth podcast, all in the mind, This American Life, and more!


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