23 Research Things – 22: On the horizon… what more is out there?

Put on your rose coloured glasses. Is there any tool/trend/*thing* out on the horizon that you would like to share or discuss? If not pick one of the links above and read/reflect/discuss.

I looked at the article: New bio-printing technique makes blood vessels in 3D-printed organs possible.

I think 3D printing is an exciting thing. Being able to manufacture complex objects rapidly and at low cost has so many possibilities, but I had no idea that it was possible to 3D print human organs! I think it will be really interesting to see where this technology takes us in the future.


One Comment

  1. Yes- I think using 3D printing to create artificial limbs or to print human organs is awesome. Another participant did mention the amount of plastic rubbish created from 3D printing, and I do agree…there is a lot of it. But 3D printing that enriches humankind and adds value and life is simply amazing technology.



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