23 Research Things – 23: Library as a research tool

Is there more? If you had unlimited resources (time, money and staff) what services would you love the Library to provide for researchers at ACU?

I think that the library provides great services and resources.

With research becoming a bigger part of our uni, we could employ more liasion librarians, maybe with a focus on research rather than a particular school/discipline (they would work together with the school liasions). That way we could have more time to offer for consultations, training and support. This would also mean that those doing interdisciplinary research would have a clear contact person.

This probably opens up a whole can of worms, and I’m not sure how far the inter-library loan program goes beyond Australia, but imagine being able to loan from any international library. Not sure if this is already possible (could one out a special request in to the NLA?) but if a researcher was hunting down an obscure publication that no library in Australia holds, this would be a life saver.



One thought on “23 Research Things – 23: Library as a research tool

  1. ACU Library (@LibraryACU) February 16, 2016 / 4:39 am

    I do know of a colleague at another uni who does get ILL from other counties and I do know that this happens at times at ACU – especially with electronic.
    It would be great to have more LLs just helping out researchers wouldn’t it? Perhaps we would be in a position where some of our LLs would be research students!


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