#BlogJune 1 – Bring it on.

The Muse… Why does she not answer my calls?

So, I’m doing #BlogJune. I decided this on 31st May, in the evening, when I took a casual look at Twitter and found out about it. This means I haven’t had any time to write ahead, plan or queue, which I totally would have done otherwise. But maybe it’s better this way.

I like the idea of blogging but I find it very hard. I enjoy writing. But it’s the requirement to come up with fresh, original, interesting content on a regular basis that has always stumped me.

However, I’m one who likes to rise to a challenge. And signing up for this program in front of a bunch of Twitter people will keep me much more accountable than some private resolution to blog more. I’m hoping that being forced to post daily for a whole month may be enough to kick-start a habit. Not necessarily a daily habit, but something more regular than my current, sporadic practice.

My specific hopes for this are:

  • To engage more with stuff in libraryland and develop new opinions.
  • To learn more from my work through reflecting and writing about it.
  • To refine my writing voice.
  • To turn my non-blog into a real blog!

My posts are going to be mostly library related but I’ll throw some occasional off-topic, lightly personal stuff in for good measure, too.

In short, challenge accepted. Bring. it. on.



3 thoughts on “#BlogJune 1 – Bring it on.

  1. snail June 1, 2016 / 3:41 pm

    I misread the caption on your image as “The Muse… Why does she not answer my cats?”. Oops 🙂
    No preparation is fine, I’ve done nought in past years myself and really all the prep you can do seems to peter out halfway through the month. Grabbing ideas from what others are doing works and picking up on their memes, creates a conversation of its own. Have fun 🙂


    • Hannah Shelley June 1, 2016 / 4:27 pm

      Thanks snail! Good advice. And now you mention it, The Muse doesn’t answer my cats either… how rude.
      Good luck to you with your own blog! 🙂


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