23 Research Data Things – 6: Long-lived data: curation & preservation

I would apologise for this pic but I’m not sorry.

According to the LOC link, personal archiving of any born-digital material consists of these main steps:

  • Identify (all the places you have photos/audio/emails/websites etc)
  • Decide (what you need to preserve. It may not need to be everything)
  • Export (save objects in an appropriate file format)
  • Organise (descriptive file names, tags for people and subjects, create a directory/folder. Write a description of the directory)
  • Make copies (save in more than one location, including seperate media e.g. CD or DVD, external hard drive, USB, cloud storage)
  • Manage (check once a year to make sure you can still read the file. Create new copies every 5 years)

Websites and emails are a interesting materials me. It’s easy to assume you’ll be able to access these things later, which may not be the case. I love what the Internet Archive doing with the wayback machine. Websites move and change very, very easily. Web archiving is a really interesting area.


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