#Blogjune 10 – Road trippin’ Pt. 1

G’day from South Australia!

N and I are are taking a trip over the long weekend. Today we were up at the crack of dawn to get to Sydney airport and fly down to Adelaide.

From there we took a trip down the coast and one thing that struck me was that there was nobody around. Barely any cars. Whenever we stopped there was nobody in the streets either. I’m not sure if I’m so used to the extreme busyness of Sydney or if was a particularly quiet day. We stopped in Victor Harbour and found a nice Italian style cafe and had what is actually the best pizza I’ve had in a while.

We drove most of the day, and we’re staying overnight in Robe, an adorable fishing town with the population of 1018.

We went out for dinner at a place called Sails @ Robe which was really lovely. Also had a glass of Rose, not normally my drink of choice, but it was actually a local wine from Robe so I just had to. It was really nice, too.

When in Robe, do as the Robans do.

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