#BlogJune 11 – Road trippin’ pt. 2

We saw some more of Robe this morning. Highlights were the old gaol and the Obelisk – a dual-purpose structure which warned passing ships with its highly visible white and red stripes and was also used to store rockets with life lines which could be fired to distressed ships.

Then we made our way across to Mount Gambia to see some of the natural attractions. My favourite was the sinkhole. it’s basically a huge hole caused by deterioration of the limestone in the ground. The base of the hole has been turned into a very pretty garden. It’s quite amazing to stand inside.

Another great sight was the Blue Lake, Mount Gambier’s water supply, a crater that is reportedly the result of one of the most recent volcanic eruptions in Australia. I have seen photos of the lake looking supernaturally blue (hence the name) though during winter it is more of a “steel grey”/blue. Still magnificent to look at.


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