23 Research Data Things – 9: Licensing Data for Reuse

It was helpful learning about the AUSGOAL Suite of Licenses. There are complex issues that affect how research data can be licensed.

As well as Creative Commons licenses, which I am very familiar with, and that can be applied to any kind of work,  AUSGOAL also endorses the Restrictive Licence Template, especially for material that contains personal or other confidential information that has a high security risk associated with its release. I know that researchers working in sensitive fields can be reluctant to open up their data for this very reason. This license is a good way to support open access while maintaining security.

The other “special” license in the suite is the BSD 3-Clause Software Licence, for software that has been created by your organisation, and the code does not include code licensed under the GNU GPL Licence. This is another complex area I had not considered before, but it is very important to think about these applications when dealing with software material.


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