#BlogJune 24 – Uggggghh cleaning

This is less of an interesting post and more of an explanation as to why I don’t have a more interesting post today. Want to know how I spent every spare minute of my entire week, including the weekend? Cleaning.

We’re renting our house and the agents came to do a routine inspection this afternoon. This is my first renting experience so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Do they come in, take a quick look at the place just to make sure it isn’t trashed or burnt down, or do they get on their hands and knees, checking for specks of dirt in every corner, going through drawers and moving furniture? Not sure. Our approach, then, was to make the place spotless.

Because we were away for four days the previous weekend, we had limited time to prepare, meaning literally every waking hour spent at home for the past 7 days has been in full-on cleaning mode. So it was a routine of: get home from work, eat a quick dinner, then clean until we were too physically exhausted to continue, and go to bed. Repeat.

So, I am sore and exhausted. But it was so anticlimactic when the agent came and only spent a few moments in each room, took a photo or two with her phone and moved on. So, that was all too easy. But hey, at least we get to enjoy an extremely clean house for a while!


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