#BlogJune 28 – Webinar mania

Holy headphones, Batman! I’ve just presented (or helped present) 2 entirely different webinars in less than a week. I know that might be business as usual for some, but not for me. Goes to show there’s a first time for everything, swiftly followed by a second time.

If you’ve been to my blog before you might have noticed I’ve been blogging my way through 23 Research Data Things fairly rapidly over the past few weeks. I’ve also been tweeting my posts, and all this activity led to me being found out and invited to be on the panel for the official 23 Research Data Things catch-up webinar, which happened today. It was totally unexpected, but a fun opportunity.

It was pretty casual really- I wasn’t there as an “expert” but just as one representative of people going through the program. It was all about reflecting on my experience. It was also a good chance to hear from other people and the wisdom and insights they offered on the topic of Research Data, especially on the topics of licensing and collecting/sharing sensitive data.

I’ll have fully caught up with the program this week (just one more “thing” to complete) so I plan to go to the next webinar as a regular participant. Should be fun. I really recommend the program to any librarians. Don’t feel the pressure to do every part of the program, or to “catch up” with the official schedule (even though I’ve chosen to), if those are barriers for you. It’s a great resource for an important and growing area for academic librarians.


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