23 Research Data Things – 15: Data Management Plans

In the past I’ve had a look at the “Mantra” course from The University of Edinburgh which is really helpful.

They give an example of core components of a research data management plan (based on the DCC’s checklist). Most data management plans I have looked at contain some variation of these:

  • Administrative Information
    Name of the project and description, important dates, associated organisations, funding body, etc.
  • Data Collection
    Collection methods, types, formats, systems and structures for file management, etc.
  • Documentation and metadata
    Supporting documentation to help others read and interpret the data, metadata standards, controlled vocabularies
  • Ethics and Legal Compliance
    Consent needed for data collection, privacy and confidentiality concerns, copyright concerns.
  • Storage and Backup
    Where data will be stored, backup and recovery procedures, data security.
  • Selection and Preservation
    Contractual, legal or regulatory requirements impact on retaining, sharing, preserving data, length of time, details of repository or archive.
  • Data Sharing
    Discoverability, how it will be shared (e.g. repository), citation and persistent identifier.
  • Responsibilities and Resources
    Name of reponsible person(s) for each activity, hardware and software requirements, charges required, etc.



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