23 Research Data Things – 16: Publishers & Funders

Explore a new form of data publishing: the data journal. Data journals focus on data, rather than discuss an analysis of the data (as in traditional journals).

I think data journals are actually very similar to traditional journals – they look the same, smell the same, follow the same kind of format. The experience of accessing a paper in a database is the same. However, in a weird way they’re the opposite of traditional journals, because the intention is backwards. In a traditional journal article, the research is done, data collected, to support the writing and publishing of the article. Here, the article is like a piece of supporting documentation for the dataset. The focus is on the data, with more tables, graphs, and explicit reference and links to the dataset in places of prominence. I think that this suits researchers that are more focused on putting the data out there, rather than the analysis and discussion.



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